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    Test d'inglese

    In the following exercises choose the correct form.

    Nei seguenti esercizi scegli la forma corretta.

    A - How old is she ?
    She has 23 years oldShe has got 23 yearsShe's 23 years old

    B - Whose book is this?
    This is mine bookThis book is mineThis book is my

    C - Which is the oldest city: Rome or Athens?
    Athens is as older as RomeAthens is older than RomeAthens is the oldest than Rome

    D - I like sports.
    Do you like swim?Do you like swimming?You like swimming?

    E - I can’t wait to go out tonight!
    What do you do tonight?What are you going to do tonight?What are you doing tonight?

    F- This is... film I’ve ever seen.
    baddestthe worsethe worst

    G - I’m hungry.
    Is there some fruit?Is there any fruit?Is there many fruit?

    H - Turn off the radio!
    I'm not listening to the radioI don't listening to the radioI'm not listen to the radio

    I - What did you do yesterday?
    I went to the museum yesterdayI did go to the museum yesterdayI have been to the museum yesterday

    L - I have two brothers and one sister.
    What's your sister like?What are sister likes?What do your sister like?

    M - Bob and Mary are married.
    They are married for 2 yearsThey have been married for 2 yearsThey had married for 2 years

    N - I live in Rome, Italy.
    How long are you lived in italy?How long have you lived in Italy?How long do you live in Italy?

    O - I called you yesterday but you didn’t answer your phone.
    I was enjoying the filmI was enjoy the filmDo I was enjoying the film?

    1. What …… you do last night?

    2. I don’t have as ………… books as you.

    3. At the moment Peter ………… in Russia.
    WorksIs workingDoesn’t work

    4. If she loves me, she……… marry me

    5. I didn’t ……… English very well

    6. She’s going ……… Spain on July 27th

    7. A che ora hai finito di lavorare?
    What time did you finish working?What time have you finished work?What time do you finished work?

    8. Da quanto tempo vivi in questa città? Ci vivo da…
    How long have you lived in this city? I have lived here since/for…How many time do you live in this city? I live from…How much time lives in this city? I live for….

    9. Chi ti ha detto questo?
    Who told you this?Who do you told that?Who did you tell this?

    10. Potrebbe mandarmi questo fax entro domani, per favore?
    Could you send me this fax by tomorrow, please?Can you send this fax before tomorrow, please?Can you send to me that fax within tomorrow, please?

    11. La vostra casa è molto più lontana di quanto pensassi.
    Your house is much farther than I thought.Your house is more farer than I think.Your house is more far away than I thought.

    12. Se avessi fatto controllare la macchina la settimana scorsa, non avrei fatto tardi questa mattina.
    If I had had the car checked last week, I wouldn’t have been late this morning.If I have controlled the car last week, I would not be late this morning.If I did control the car last week, I don’t be in late this morning.

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